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The Meter Family

The Meter is not only a serving device but a conversation piece.  It is the first device of its kind that not only increases profits for bar owners, but enhances the experience for patrons as well.  Who wouldn't want to be their own personal bar tender?


The Meter doubles the servings in half the time.  We offer four different sizes Of The Meter that can serve ten beers to six shots.  There is a size for every application.  The Meter is not only more efficient, but it’s also a great conversation piece.  Patrons will ask for it by name every time they return.

As seen in Nightclub & Bar Magazine

How can the Meter Help Your Bar?

Each member of The Meter family can serve a table of patrons in one short trip. Be it beers, samplers or shots you will probably spend more time talking about The Meter than filling it up.

Using The Meter you will eliminate frequent refill trips from your staff, increasing your profits.  It will also allow your servers to spend time building a repeat customer base.

The Meter accommodates restaurant clientele, bar patrons or a group of friends gathered at home. Cut expenses, serve beer quicker, and awe your customers with an appealing meter.